Absolutely A1 – Sharon!

The WORLD PREMIERE of The Snapper has officially opened at The Gate Theatre Dublin. We are delighted that Westside Students Amy Macken, Holly McGuinness and Mia Barry are playing the roles of ‘The Twins’ Linda and Tracy Rabbitte this summer. 

The twins are a whirl wind of chaos as they breeze through the scenes causing havoc for their parents (played by Hilda Fay and Simon Delaney) and their long suffering brother Darren. 

Much like the whirl wind on stage the girls have had a whirl wind off stage too. Juggling  rehearsals, school exams, as well as rehearsing and competing in the European Lyrical Championships, which along with their team mates they now hold the title of European Lyrical Champions. On stage however its baton twirling and ballroom dancing for their characters the Rabbitte Twins. But that’s all in a days work in the world of theatre.  


If you’re hoping to get in to see the girls on stage then you better book now as the show, much like the film is a HIT and tickets are selling fast. It’s a night of belly laughs and real heart all against the nostalgic back drop of 80’s Dublin.


While Amy, Holly and Mia are making their Gate Theatre debut, student Ellie O’Halloran is making her film debut on another Roddy Doyle Production, his latest film ‘ROSIE’. Ellie plays Rosie’s (Sarah Greene) daughter Kayleigh and the film currently in post production will be released later this year. 


Exciting times for our Westside students! Absolutely A1 – Sharon!