Squad Goals RTÈ Junior

RTÈ Junior

Kite Entertainment, the makers of hit TV shows like Ireland’s Got Talent, Gogglebox and Ireland’s Fittest Family, are looking for young people to take part in a fast paced game show for RTÉ Junior

This game show utilises physical and team challenges in a unique location. 3 teams of 4 members start each episode. The teams are made up of young people who know each other really well through family, school, friendship or clubs.

Teams should be aged 8-12 years. They can be all the same age or a mixture of ages and can be boys teams, girls teams or mixed teams. Their squad must work together to beat each round. The team who comes out on top in the finale wins the show.

If you’d like to find out more:

✉Email  sarahjane@kiteentertainment.com

✆Call on 01 5611692