WestSide in Hollywood


Westside’s Ruby Rose O’Hara attended the Irish Premier of ‘The Secret Market’ earlier this week, in which Ruby Rose Plays ‘Chloe’. 

Written by Conor Ryan and directed by Martin McGlynn and Harret Daly it is a contemporary mystery thriller. The film held its World Premier in August and won The Grand Jury Prize for Best Screenplay at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. This prestigious festival is ranked one of the top ten film festivals in the US.

Since its success the film has had screenings in Hollywood and we look forward to seeing how well it does on the festival circuit.

Ruby Rose plays Chloe the daughter of, Amy McCarthy played by Victoria Smurfit, a doctor who has risen through the medical ranks to become chief surgeon. She has a near perfect life until her past comes back to haunt her. The film also features Tadhg Murphy (Black SailsVikings), Mark Huberman (FrankNoble), Camille O’Sullivan (Rebellion), Jonathan White (Love RosieNoble) and Eric Lalor (Fair City).

Huge congratulations to Ruby Rose and the cast and crew of The Secret Market.