Get Your Wish On

Get Your Wish On


If you’re looking for an evening of entertainment, then your wish is Westside’s command. 

Returning to The Helix is our trade mark show of two halves. Act 1 is a celebration of music from Broadway, The West End and the Silver Screen. 

While Act 2 transports you to the magical land of Agrabha. A tale of a boy, a cave of wonders and a mysterious lamp. But only those who are honest and true can release the Genie and all his magic. Join us as we take you on a journey through Agrabha filled with excitement and enchantment. Where a street urchin becomes a prince and a princess becomes a hero. Jafar has other plans for the lamp but will Jafar be stopped in time…..BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW

“Be prepared to go on a journey…. A tale of a Boy, a Cave and a Magical Lamp! #GetYourWishOn