Why Choose Us

  • Westside is quickly able to understand student’s aspirations, goals and needs and works with them as a team to create their individual path forwards.
  • Westside provide a professional place of learning, where students feel valued and encouraged as they pursue excellence in their technique and individual expression.
  • Westside tutors are all qualified, insured, Garda vetted, first aid trained and have all completed their child protection awareness course.
  • Westside Provides intense, quality learning, supporting and inspiring the next generation.
  • Westside Surrounds students with a staff of professional artists who serve as mentors and teachers, encouraging our students to commit to a high level of self-expectation.
  • Westside continues to demonstrate that given the high level of training and encouragement provided by us, students can achieve their true potential.
  • Westside provides an environment where young people are encouraged to set goals, take risks and view mistakes as an avenue for learning.
  • Westside demonstrates the high level of performing arts skills that the students are capable of achieving when given proper training.
  • Westside embrace and nurture individualism self-expression and creativity.
  • Westside believes that one of the best teachers for any student is the stage.

Westside believes our students and our alumni are our best ambassadors!